Saturday, July 7, 2012

More from St Malo

I loved the areas of the Brittany coast, windswept, rugged and wild.

The stone churches were also wonderful to visit.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Wonderful St Malo!

Oh, to be in wonderful St Malo!

This is a magnificent walled city of fascinating landmarks and inspiring scenery.

In early June I enjoyed walking around the ramparts of this city in the early morning
 looking out over the views of the wide expanse of sea and sky which seemed
to greet the new day.

I loved the history, the folk lore and the sense of adventure which is to be found in the stories
which are told of the explorers, corsairs, merchants and traders who made the city a prosperous 

Two cruise ships could be seen in the harbour and also a brightly coloured pirate ship which 
was quite inspirational as it evoked a sense of the times of the pirates and corsairs who 
plied their trade on the Brittany coast so many years ago. 

I admired the architecture, the shops and brightly coloured buildings and the little streets with fascinating
outlooks towards the water.  Such is the street of Le Chat qui Danse with a plaque in the wall for 
this famous cat of history.

A statue of a sailor and corsair who was recognised and decorated by Napoleon
is Robert Surcouf, who unfortunately did not always agree with Napoleon on certain matters as for
example wishing for a terrace of coins which Napoleon did not approve.

There is a plaque for explorer, Jacques Cartier who left St Malo for Canada.

The stained glass windows of the Cathedral give an aura of beauty and peace. 

There were little coffee shops getting ready for the lunch time shoppers and workers and the
place had a friendly atmosphere.  

St Malo beckons again with its wonderful sense of history and enlightening stories of the past.