Saturday, June 22, 2013

beautiful stained glass and art

Wonderful stained glass is depicted on the second section of this beautiful hymn on you tube:

I love the beautiful stained glass to be found in churches, the art work and colours.  So magnificent!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Versailles (a beauty)

Oh Versailles,

my memory stirs

The leaves flutter

and it all comes back to me:-

A summer breeze or a nightly feast,

the sound of distant music on the night breezes,

the wonder of the night.

The beauty gliding along your beautiful canal

on a windswept night;

these memories can never be erased:

Looking from a distance and seeing

your beautiful chateau lit up by night;

The beauty of the ponds and the lights

illuminated in the water;

The echo of laughter,

the lovely dresses and costumes

the masques, balls and delightful nights;

you who were never vain

but only always created beauty

in all of your imaginings;

the king,

of course;

the orange trees, fruit and flowers,

tulips of every day

breath-taking chestnuts

and hornbeam;

Oh, it was all exquisite

as in a dream;

now your days resound

to a different beat;

your history is never forgotten

your pleasures and beauty

give way to a new retreat;

the tourists delight

in every new treat:

music, a flower display

as people go on their way,

beautiful baroque

echoed all along in the day

as in a pantomime play;

the world created gave of its best

never for a day at rest;

there was always work to do

even though the people were few

and on and on this beautiful place was created

fountains and gardens were generated

As Angelique believed in Road to Versailles

she was close to Heaven on earth;

this from ever the day of her birth;

So beautiful, so wonderful,

a land of human endeavour

creating beauty

which lasts forever.

You, a prince of the line bourbon

shared a vision which goes on and on;

Did it come from Old Babylon?

The stories, the magic,

the gift goes on:

Louis, the king!

you created a stir,

Invited the nobles

and lives to bestir;

as beauty abounds

in all its surrounds;

hedges, greenery

enchanting scenery

and trees of fir;

the king was checked

the costs of the day

the amounts to pay

the king held sway

Colbert gave way:

Le Notre, Le Vau

who came from Vaux

with much to bestow

gave of themselves

a fine tableau;

with much to do

perspective and view

statues and yew,

menagerie, orangerie

and stable;

Versailles is your magic

with flowers bedecked

an enchanting effect

of rose, bay leaf

and maple;

As a Tower of Babel

on terrain sable

embellished by

a Fontaine fable;


topiary relief,

to enhance

by chance

as writ on a script

in ancient Sanskrit

or from Old Egypt:

a verdant


sand table;

glanced off the stage

peppered by age

did you not know?

This was the show:

Curtain came down

At the sun-down

and turn of a page;

come to this place

and never forget

the wonder and pageant

which the place would beget;

Now it is the end of the story,

don't forget the beauty-

chapel created in glory

songs of wonder

never cease;

beautiful Marly, the Tuileries


all of these places in the heart

ever from,

it was from the start;

Louis never took from the story,

he only added his theme.

And now with a different generation of folk

living their lives under a different yoke

who seek out the renewing green oak

travel a long and endurance path

this we know

as we go along

the time has come to sing a new song

the times of beauty and wonder

we admire from the past

as our spirits tread in a spirit of lightness

and now hope for a brightness

not ever dimm'd

but to last over yonder

and forever held fast

seeking beauty

wherever it may be

this we hope to always see.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Winter Sun on a Distant Shore

Oh, how I love the Winter Sun

which glints and glimmers free-

spills upon the ocean wave

and sparkles upon the Sea:

Oh, how I love that Winter Scene

God grant that I may ever dream

and see a different Winter Gleam

In a place serene:

And the sparkle in the tree:

as the ocean birds

warm their wings

in a windvale lee;

It glanced upon the lily pond

Came down to the shining sea

where a wonderful palm frond

waved back and forward to me:

And out on that glittering sea

Beckoned awhile a beautiful boat

Gleaming bright

upon the ocean white:

Rocking to and fro

upon the ocean breeze

Taking me

To wherever I please?

On the horizon

The glint of the sun

This I knew

was the one,

The boat of my Dreams:

Get on, get on

get on with the tide

the call of Nature is on your side:

the breeze was right

the time was night

and on to this ship I embarked

And now it was a

Dream of mine

gliding along the brine

Looked up and saw a pine,

Shadowy branches

Spreading all along

a breaking surf incline;

and upon this golden ship

could be an achor over to climb

for a future

way past time:-

This golden light

ever bright

springs forth amongst the trees-

Golden Splendour

My Delight

Greenery, symmetrically

A bird haven, shelter

which beauty about decrees:

This winter light

sparkles white

glinting bright

on a distant land:

where pink-tinged clouds

touch lightly on golden sand

in a powder blue haze

of an orange sunset maze;

and distant birds call a night retreat


gracefully gliding,

wings flapping on a silent beat:

And the noble green

where dancing shadows

flicker in-between

the tall poplar, fig and rose

on a distant shore.

Oh, for me a

distant slip

Where forever


A Golden Horizon

burns ever so bright:

And golden were the tomorrows I could see

on this enchantment-filled sea-trip;

Imaginings, imaginings

If only this were true-

To sail across the ocean blue

to a distant shore

with colours of every hue:

This, I say, to my regret

A land where once there was a Crown

and the gold-fish danced beside the ship

the dolphins frolicked

in their play

At the closing of the day;

The sails went up,

the winds did whirl

About and about

A glorious show

As sails unfurl;

A place where people

would bow and clasp your hand:

Oh, help me, Master, to understand

That as I sail to another land

the truth alone I see in mine own eyes

Not difficulties in another guise:

with beauty, truth

the perspective clears

and hope our Master

always hears-

I see light come from the grey

Banish all my thoughts away

There is beauty in the day

And for peace

I will always pray.

Come let us form a circle for our friends

And light a candle for this hope

And clap together our hands

for in giving peace

we give scope

for people visiting other lands.

A new life prospers true

And gives the day a new spark

Taking me from days of dark

If I could only see

A wonderful world

A place to be

wherever you may be.

Little Women (film)

Little Women is a mini-series on dvd and well worth watching.

An enchanting story of a family of four daughters and their ups and downs in life

set during the time of the Civil War in New England, USA.

The costumes are elegant and the characters endearing. The scenery, settings

and story line make for a wonderful film. The horses and carriages and the elegance of the times bring to life a different kind of world.

Jo was the bright spark who wished to follow her dreams of becoming a writer. Jo was

the perennial tom-boy who loved nothing more than to be dashing through the fields or

climbing trees.

Jo at one time was at cross-purposes with a German professor regarding

her scripts of stories which were first published. She had become a governess and was writing

short stories for a paper in New York.

The publisher of her

stories had initially informed her that the readers wished to be entertained and not read

moralistic stories. However, the publisher did admit that he did take a liking to her stories.

She perhaps should have informed the professor of this at the time. She did perhaps change her

stories a little to find favour with the publisher.

The aspect of her writing progress in the story is fascinating to follow and also how Jo's writing abilities eventually

developed. Finally, Jo felt that the stories wrote themselves later as she became a more

proficient writer with a deeper understanding and experience of life's sadness and


Little Women is tinged with sadness but also with the lightness of spirit

and the charm of the characters. It is a story of life. It has great beauty and acts of selflessness

demonstrated by the characters in times of need.

The stories of the romances of the daughters are also wonderful.

One daughter, Amy, travels to

Europe. Another daughter has a wedding.

The film is based on the book by Louisa May Alcott which I read many years ago.

It was a delight and pleasure to view this beautiful film.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Story of Esther on film

A lovely film which I enjoyed watching on dvd.

This is the biblical story of Queen Esther who eventually helped free

her Jewish people.

The story needs to be seen within the context of the times where women

could be banished as occurred to queen Vashti for not attending an entertainment

and banquet for the King's assembled nobles and visiting dignitaries.

King Xerxes often took advice from his wise and experienced counsellors. He was

advised to send Queen Vashti away and find a more suitable queen.

Esther never asked for anything. It was customary for the women of the harem

to request whatever they may require before going into the king's presence. Esther was

happy to oblige with whatever was suggested by the eunuchs in attendance who served

the king.

It was a fascinating time in history. The action of the story takes place in Susa and King Xerxes was King of Persia and Media and reigned over 127 provinces.

Esther's Jewish background was not known. This was

on the instructions of Mordecai, a cousin who had brought Esther up.

Mordecai, at a later stage, saved the king's life by discovering a plot.

Haman, a noble who had been elevated at the court by the king, had issued an edict to destroy Jewish people. He was also plotting against Mordecai.

The story is fascinating with beautiful settings and exquisite costumes. Esther becomes a beautiful queen and it is in this respect as a queen and using her wits she tries to do as Mordecai wished by

influencing the king as regards the Jewish people.

Mordecai had sent messages to Esther and after receiving a reply he warned her that she could

not remain silent on this issue and that just because she lived in the king's palace she could not believe that she alone of the Jewish people would escape. The Jewish people may find another way for their deliverance but she would not be safe. He also believed that it was possible that Esther was a royal for such a time as this. This strong message of Mordecai spurred Esther to try and do something to influence the king. In the biblical story, Esther and her maids fasted for three days and she also requested Mordecai to do the same with the Jews of Susa.

Within the context of the story Esther was playing with fire. The king had not seen her for thirty days when she eventually went to see him. He offered the gold sceptre which was an exception to the rule that people without formal request who entered into the king's presence were punished and put to death.

With lavish surroundings and banquets which Esther prepares the story moves to its climax and eventually the Jews are freed. The tables are turned on Haman.

The film is excellent and well worth watching. Esther and the king are wonderful characters.

I loved viewing this film and may watch it again. It has all the elements of a great and wonderful story and with clever manoevrings on the part of Mordecai, who was subsequently raised to a high level in the court, and also of Queen Esther, the Jewish people found their freedom again. They issued a decree that the Jews were allowed to gather and protect themselves. The occasion became a celebrated feast day in all of the provinces of the king.

It is a wonderful story.

Temple of Esther and Mordecai:

Best wishes from Sandra