Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Little Women (film)

Little Women is a mini-series on dvd and well worth watching.

An enchanting story of a family of four daughters and their ups and downs in life

set during the time of the Civil War in New England, USA.

The costumes are elegant and the characters endearing. The scenery, settings

and story line make for a wonderful film. The horses and carriages and the elegance of the times bring to life a different kind of world.

Jo was the bright spark who wished to follow her dreams of becoming a writer. Jo was

the perennial tom-boy who loved nothing more than to be dashing through the fields or

climbing trees.

Jo at one time was at cross-purposes with a German professor regarding

her scripts of stories which were first published. She had become a governess and was writing

short stories for a paper in New York.

The publisher of her

stories had initially informed her that the readers wished to be entertained and not read

moralistic stories. However, the publisher did admit that he did take a liking to her stories.

She perhaps should have informed the professor of this at the time. She did perhaps change her

stories a little to find favour with the publisher.

The aspect of her writing progress in the story is fascinating to follow and also how Jo's writing abilities eventually

developed. Finally, Jo felt that the stories wrote themselves later as she became a more

proficient writer with a deeper understanding and experience of life's sadness and


Little Women is tinged with sadness but also with the lightness of spirit

and the charm of the characters. It is a story of life. It has great beauty and acts of selflessness

demonstrated by the characters in times of need.

The stories of the romances of the daughters are also wonderful.

One daughter, Amy, travels to

Europe. Another daughter has a wedding.

The film is based on the book by Louisa May Alcott which I read many years ago.

It was a delight and pleasure to view this beautiful film.

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