Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Winter Sun on a Distant Shore

Oh, how I love the Winter Sun

which glints and glimmers free-

spills upon the ocean wave

and sparkles upon the Sea:

Oh, how I love that Winter Scene

God grant that I may ever dream

and see a different Winter Gleam

In a place serene:

And the sparkle in the tree:

as the ocean birds

warm their wings

in a windvale lee;

It glanced upon the lily pond

Came down to the shining sea

where a wonderful palm frond

waved back and forward to me:

And out on that glittering sea

Beckoned awhile a beautiful boat

Gleaming bright

upon the ocean white:

Rocking to and fro

upon the ocean breeze

Taking me

To wherever I please?

On the horizon

The glint of the sun

This I knew

was the one,

The boat of my Dreams:

Get on, get on

get on with the tide

the call of Nature is on your side:

the breeze was right

the time was night

and on to this ship I embarked

And now it was a

Dream of mine

gliding along the brine

Looked up and saw a pine,

Shadowy branches

Spreading all along

a breaking surf incline;

and upon this golden ship

could be an achor over to climb

for a future

way past time:-

This golden light

ever bright

springs forth amongst the trees-

Golden Splendour

My Delight

Greenery, symmetrically

A bird haven, shelter

which beauty about decrees:

This winter light

sparkles white

glinting bright

on a distant land:

where pink-tinged clouds

touch lightly on golden sand

in a powder blue haze

of an orange sunset maze;

and distant birds call a night retreat


gracefully gliding,

wings flapping on a silent beat:

And the noble green

where dancing shadows

flicker in-between

the tall poplar, fig and rose

on a distant shore.

Oh, for me a

distant slip

Where forever


A Golden Horizon

burns ever so bright:

And golden were the tomorrows I could see

on this enchantment-filled sea-trip;

Imaginings, imaginings

If only this were true-

To sail across the ocean blue

to a distant shore

with colours of every hue:

This, I say, to my regret

A land where once there was a Crown

and the gold-fish danced beside the ship

the dolphins frolicked

in their play

At the closing of the day;

The sails went up,

the winds did whirl

About and about

A glorious show

As sails unfurl;

A place where people

would bow and clasp your hand:

Oh, help me, Master, to understand

That as I sail to another land

the truth alone I see in mine own eyes

Not difficulties in another guise:

with beauty, truth

the perspective clears

and hope our Master

always hears-

I see light come from the grey

Banish all my thoughts away

There is beauty in the day

And for peace

I will always pray.

Come let us form a circle for our friends

And light a candle for this hope

And clap together our hands

for in giving peace

we give scope

for people visiting other lands.

A new life prospers true

And gives the day a new spark

Taking me from days of dark

If I could only see

A wonderful world

A place to be

wherever you may be.


  1. Sandra, thank you for finding and following me. What a pleasure to come to your blog and read your beautiful poem. It takes me to oceans and sea (my favourite places). Thank you for sharing.

    I've just developed a blog problem where blogger is not displaying my new posts. So if you put me on your blogroll you may not get any updates, but I post on Fridays and Mondays usually.

    Nice to meet you


  2. Hello Denise

    Thank you for your kind message. I also love the oceans and sea!
    I will look out for your posts on Mondays and Fridays.
    It is also nice to find your blog and I love reading romantic fiction. It is inspirational for me to meet an author on a blog and read the posts or sometimes at a library talk. It is also encouraging.

    My best wishes to you from Sandra