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Madame de Montespan (Part One) Magical Enchantments

Lisa Hilton has written a book "Athenais, The Real Queen of France"
which I found helpful and full of information regarding Athenais de
Montespan.  For many years Madame de Montespan  was the delight of the court.  This was
also a sad situation for Queen Marie Therese, who was ever a virtuous
queen.  In an earlier post I described the early years of the court of France,
which may perhaps help a little in understanding the king. 
picture of a rose from wikipedia

Madame de Montespan in the Light,
Courtiers were entranced by your sight;
Mistress-a-Plenty of the Land
Pixies danced at your command
Little elfin shadows in a fairy band;

The king did raise a pavilion for you,
And a castle too:

Trianon de Porcelaine,
Tiled in white and blue
reflecting colours in all the hues
apricot, rose, white, gold and blue
of tulips, lilies and feverfew;
A “Chambre of des Amours”
Imagined as a flower arbour
Thoughts of love forever more;
Traced in silver, white and blue;
Louis's love seemed ever true:

Love domain
Abode of Spring”

with the flowers of spring;
with the colours to bring;
Resembling a palace of Nanking
Scent strewn gardens of the King:
Madame de Montespan and the King
At the palace of “Abode of Spring”
in Season's Splendour of the Fall,
Enchanting wonder to enthrall;

Oh, how fancy you would be,
Sparkling in your finery;
Madame de Montespan in the Sun
Shone her light on everyone;
Dancing lady of the Night,
You who were ever so bright;
Beautiful enchantress of the Night
Who could hold a candle light
to your charms and beauty alike?
You who were the King's delight:
The king not knowing of his plight
In the Evening or Morning's Light
Of Love potions in all their might;
Mystical potions his health must fight,
whimsical notions, your fancy's flight;

You need only wave your wand
Cast your spell and raise a hand
Administer a contraband
from a nefarious Paris band
casting shadows over the Land
of a suspected neighbourhood witch;

Soon the King would make a switch
Unknown he had been bewitched:

But for the king was a terrible fright!
Madame La Voisin of the Night-
endured the rigours of her plight;
with great dignity and affright;

You who stood so proud and tall
would sparkle at a glittering ball
reflected in a mirrored Hall
hold the courtiers all in thrall;
gave La Maintenon a worthy call
and with the children did install;
You who were so bountiful
airs and graces wonderful;
Charmed the king in everything;
And as the Clouds do form in Spring
A Queen Bee also with a Sting;
led the king a merry dance
amidst the traditions of Old France;
Fairy-tale carriage and horses pranced
and you did maintain your stance
queen of the court you did enhance;
Midas gave you a golden touch,
Your name was “quanto,” as how much;
the king and his pawn
on a chess piece lawn,
Madame de Montespan was forewarned;

Chateau of Clagny,
ever so fancy,
A Magical enchantment
throughout the years-
Entrancing enhancement,
of blossom and pears,
Symmetries and geometries
Delightful with the orange trees
Swaying gently in a breeze
of allees, parterres in a frieze;
Inspired by poetry of the scene,
jonquil, rose, tulip, and jasmine,
It is the palace of Armide...
a most enchanting novelty”
wrote Madame de Sevigny,
who amidst the scents of lavender
would in the woods meander;

Singing in palaces I ought to be
Ringing in years that I'd like to see
Thinking in terms of my Destiny”
Fairest lady of the Land;-
Madame de Montespan!

And the clerics would reprimand:
The king, his duty and the Land!”

Fancy free,
Within the Realms
of Fantasy be;
Madame de Montespan
dressed decorously
in her Splendour and Majesty
at the Court and at Clagny,
amidst the roses and topiary;

Fans and scarves
and paper parasol,
Colours to match your vibrant soul
Seemly in your queenly role;
In the grounds you would take a stroll,
Fashions which the king would extol;
beauty in the ever leaves
and remarked upon your sleeves
as amongst the foliage you would weave;

Fashions of the every day
Seen now in an ever play;
Beautiful greens and velvets too,
In all their matching splendour new;

Madame de Montespan
and the King,
visited meadows in the spring
and the king along,
would bring
his favourite dogs
Nonne, Pomme and Bonne,
adorned in a Marly hallway wing
gilded in a picture portrait frame
fashioned in everlasting fame
and in style they all came
In a Show which they all became;
Not to confuse the names the same,
Diane, Blonde,
Rougeade and Tane,
Pictured in their window frame
Picturesque enchantments in a pane;
Whistled and echoed the dogs by name,
Would enjoy their hunting game;

All the Court would come to see
Madame de Montespan in her Majesty;
Queen of the Night and Revelry;
A wonder for ballet and d├ęcor,
Enchantments from the wall to floor;
had a gift of coquetry;
gracious in vivacity;
dabbled in arts and chicanerie,
Amused with wit and frivolity;

Splendour and Water
La Salle de Bain,
Games and Laughter
at a fountain charm,
frolicking adventures,
a spirit of fun
daily in the ever sun;
picture of roses from wikipedia

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