Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guy Fawkes Night

It is surprising that as I was about to borrow some books from the library today,
I flipped open one of the books as I was looking at the print, determining whether I might enjoy reading books with bigger print, rather than the standard print when I came across the rhyme for Guy Fawkes Night.  This rhyme instantly appeared as the book fell open at this page.  It is for the month of November of the book "Dark Angels" by
Karleen Koen, which looks like a vibrant novel of seventeenth century England of the Restoration and France, which I look forward to reading.

"Remember, remember
the fifth of November,
The Gun Powder, Treason and Plot.
I know of no reason
why the Gun Powder Treason
should ever be forgot...."

  I always remember Guy Fawkes in New Zealand as a child.
A guy, made of old clothing and newspaper, would be dressed for the occasion to sit on a bonfire which would be lit at night time.
I always enjoyed the magical fireworks which lit up the night sky
and also enjoyed spelling my name and writing and making patterns in the air with the sparklers before they fizzled out. The variety of the fireworks
 seemed magical with glowing flower pots and jumping jacks.

More details can be found on this link from wikipedia as regards Guy Fawkes Night:

  It is a tradition which has survived from 1605.

  My best wishes from Sandra


  1. I've always had a wish to be in England for Guy Fawkes day. It seems both awesome and fun.

  2. I am sure it would be wonderful to be there during
    the fireworks celebrations. The fireworks displays
    must be quite spectacular and such a tradition now.