Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Land of Make Believe

The beautiful purple of flowering jacaranda trees from wikipedia:

  It would be nice to imagine purple flowers for her wedding ceremony
in the chapel at Versailles one evening;  Madame de Maintenon wore these colours well:
Madame de Maintenon was believed to be enchanting
and was often called “La Belle Indienne” in her younger
days, acknowledging her beauty.

“The Frog Princess” seems to evoke reminders of
Madame de Maintenon and of her time at the court of
Versailles;   there is  wonderful depiction of a frog princess
taken at the floriade fashion show in Canberra last year,
wearing green and mauve, or purple, colours which I
associate Madame de Maintenon as wearing:

Madame de Maintenon hailed from obscure beginnings and
after her marriage and subsequent widowhood to the poet Scarron,
Madame de Maintenon became a governess
to the children of the king (Louis XIV) and Madame de Montespan,
thereafter rising to became a companion and spouse of the king;

The Land of Make-Believe

Now we come to the Land of Make-Believe,
Always happening at Lightening Speed;
Fancies' whims and fancies' pleasures
Now we see what are the treasures;
Come what may
It is a ray
Of something golden on the way-
Always a promise of something good
As we always knew it would:

Hopes come knocking for those who care
the promise of freedom and hope to care
In our world of everyday
Things like this become common play
Out on the treasures of a new board-walk
now we come to life and talk
Helping each other in our plans
This is where our friendships span
To help each other for the day
For our times when we can play
And Good will come of the day:

Nature's whiles and past away time
There will always be Sun to shine:
the lights and glimmerings of early spring
The raindrops which do bring
Life a-new upon the earth
Showered down in wondrous mirth:

gone are the pictures of yesterday
glittering and pandering in a play,
Rows and rows of potted plants
and with Chestnut Hall enhanced
with the colours of autumn fall,
Even the leaves which come on the wind,
They have come from a distant wind
A different time and different season
yet still we see them in beauty and ever green;
If not green, in sparkling yellow,
all the colours of an autumn fall;
lost leaves in our magical times
they come with splendour and a kiss
this is not a time to miss
the leaves of eternity, leaves of time,
leaves of splendour and leaves of hope,
never forget the leaves of time
they will always be painted and brushed with time;
In our way, through promise and hope
The glory of our leaves, our scope:

Capturing moments at a glance
not ever knowing of the chance
A place to be
A place to be seen
In all of its equivocacy:

The king decided to lift his game
Improve his image and his name
Evening shadows betokened the same;
Spinners weaved their golden thread
The workers tended flower beds...

The king was intrigued by the Ladies' Games
was enamoured by their charms,
Admired by Courtiers
and thrilled to the Chase
and also enjoyed a steeple race
The king decided to quicken his pace;
lingered at a menagerie
also enjoyed his falconry:
And in his Chivalry
a Note of Courtesy-
An invite for Francois d'Aubigne
To view the flowers and scenery
A promenade in his company;

This became the talk of the court
A former governess companion of the king
Whoever heard of such a thing?

But the King at an older age:
This was what he ordained
In all of his Majesty;
Not like at an earlier stage:
likened almost to a chain
of royal protocol
and kingly role
allowing not the king to be-
dictating not to marry free
Marie Mancini:

A search of a hint of a holy grail,
A glimpse beyond a magic veil?

Married at a chapel
in a beat of time
A Match of Matrimony
with Francoise d'Aubigny;

A ceremony of beauty
in the Night
Palace Candle-light
and Pale Moonlight,
Casting Serenity on the sight;

Not a Show of Pageantry
A Ceremony of Simplicity
As the Wedding was in Secrecy
complying with his Ministry;
As, Rainbows dancing in the Sky
Over the Land
There would have been
A modest lady,
A new Queen;

The Strings of a Strain
Of a Lully Refrain
Rang out clearly in the Night;

The Court did notice her new status,
Kind and merciful
Life more wonderful
Always gracious
In her uncrowned hiatus
This was her new basis:
Sombre also, quiet, tenacious
Noble causes, St Cyr and
scholarly traces:
Fans and laces
Etiquette and graces
St Cyr depicted on a fan
Giving a picture of the land
A play of Esther on the stage
Which defined another age
biblical themes the rage
for the plays on the stage;
and the
a teacher, spouse or nunnery
for noble girls
poor and scholarly:

Princess Marie-Adelaide of Savoy
did turn around
La Maintenon's ideas for the Crown
and a new life adhered
to the vagaries of fun instead
Balls and magic,
Life fantastic
Beauty, companionship
for the king,
This would mean everything:
La Maintenon seeming not so worldly
A settled life for the king more orderly:

Destiny swinging round and round
Hopes and Dreams swing wildly in Time
Fortune's Favours finally found
A Magical Story of a Merry-Go-Round
On an on in the show;
A Fantasy Story
In a Magical Time,
Singing the theme,
On we go
The fairy-tale of dreams comes true;
The Royal Court had no compare,
There was singing and dancing throughout the years;

And then there was the grandest plan,
The grandest plan of all
A Mirrored Hall of a Dancing Hall
A glittering ball which was
A Showcase for all;

The Moon and the Stars in the Sky
Shining in God's good Grace
Bestowed a Fairy-land Trace
Upon the Land;
And glittering still
As a page from a Dream
The soft light on flowers
Shines on.

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