Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Dream of Versailles

The dream of Versailles

September/October is a wonderful time to visit

It is during these months that there are exhibitions
and concerts at Versailles..

It certainly would be a unique opportunity to attend one of the many musical concerts which are
given in the gardens where the fountains play delightfully, splashing water. The fountains often played when the king, Louis XIV, promenaded around the gardens,
which would have been a source of joy and pride for the king.
He wrote a guide book about the best way of viewing his gardens: “Maniere de montrer les jardins de Versailles” which was often
updated. The fourth version was written by the king. Sometimes he corrected some of the versions.

Channelling the water for the fountains was innovative with great engineering designs and ideas which did take time even using horse power at one time whManiereich proved cumbersome but eventually with the talents and designs of the Francini brothers, the fountains were playing giving a magnificent view from the king's bedroom windows.

The concerts seem to be popular and are
shown on you tube: there are several performances of les grandes eaux performances at versailles and also the fountains playing by daylight on the official Versailles site. This you tube video is
from a concert given at night accompanied by the music of Lully: perhaps more fireworks than
fountain displays on this video:

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