Thursday, September 8, 2011

Travel evenings

The scenic vista of Denali, Mt McKinley in Alaska: (from wikipedia)

Recently I have attended travel evenings which have been enjoyable
and also impressive.  The standard of presentations has been excellent
with talks, discussion and slide shows given by the speakers.

Last night I attended a travel evening of Canada/Alaska which was quite
fascinating for me.  I have not visited Canada or Alaska but after having
read in books of the early colonial era I am interested in visiting
these places.

To see the magnificence of the glacier fields and the gold rush towns in Alaska,
to go ice-skating around an ice-castle on Lake Louise which becomes a winter wonderland at
Christmas would be thrilling.  The colours of the early frontier towns and early quaint architecture

Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains and attractions of the wild life and bears must be spectacular
for visitors to the region.  The colours of the leaves in fall must also be a splendour in Canada.  I have read that there are leaf festivals held.  I think of beautiful Prince Edward Island where Anne of Green
Gables was set and the beauty of the wonderful pristine and forested landscape of Canada, the shore-line and the magnificent wild-life.  The east coast also appeals and Quebec and Montreal for the early
French colonial architecture and history.  The chateau Frontenac in Quebec City looks magnificent from its pictures:  This looks like a fairy-tale with its magnificent spires:

Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City from wikipedia:

I have also attended a travel evening at the library which I found enjoyable.
One story was of a pilgrimage from the Pyrennes in France to a Cathedral in Spain.
This is quite a long journey which can be undertaken by foot or by horse and the
traveller is rewarded with a certificate from the Cathedral.  This is the Way of St James
or Camino de Santiago which was all very interesting to learn about.  The destination is
the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela:

Santiago de Compostela, a destination for pilgrims: (wikipedia picture)

All fascinating to learn of these places and events from attending travel evenings.
More places to think about for future travel.  The Pyrenees area of France is very
beautiful and I once visited Lourdes, which was quite beautiful.  This town is famous
for the story of Saint Bernadette.  A beautiful place set in the Pyrenees and a cross
could be seen in the distant mountains at night.
This is a picture of Lourdes from wikipedia depicting the Rosary Basilica.  It is quite beautiful to wander
around the beautiful old town and also view the living quarters of St Bernadette and her family which
was a small house in the town.  The setting of Lourdes is pleasant and it is also beautiful to visit the
site of the grotto which is famous for the water.

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