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Poetry for Poetry in Pariadise 2014 - What is Love

A poem for Poetry in Paradise of 2014 - What is Love

Poetry for December 2014

What is Love?

From marble top mountains
To a grand plateau
The golden light streams
In infinite reams
Mirrored in your dreams-
Beckoning glorious wonders
Upon the morrow;
Intricate, reeling,
This golden light:

Is this beauty love?
For all to see
Which sets us free?
Or more-
Faith, hope, love,
Do these embody love
-for eternity?

We go to other reams-
An aching heart
A dull ache-
Sorrow, sadness,
Joy,  togetherness-
Does this mean love?
Love for a person, or animals,
Friends, family, relatives
Where does love end?
With all good wishes to send-
To a friend.

Love does not end-
It endures,
As seasons come and go
As infinite as the tides
Ebb and flow
Where ripples appear silver
In the moon’s tow
As a bird builds its nest
For its little chicks to rest,
In trees graceful
 and also knowing
Of the seasons
 coming and going;
 giving welcoming shade
and towards the end of day
 lengthening shadow over
sun-kiss’d fields of clover;
the pathway of a golden ray
Glorious in its way;
Delicate as a flower,
A golden daffodil,
In a sea of grass
Untrammelled as a sea-horse
On a rocky mountain pass;
Given to nature
by its stature-
Love which is meant to be,
Strong as a fortress tower
Never wavering, whichever way,
As a beautiful lady and her knight
In a garden bower
Surrounded by flowers of a sweet bouquet
Music, poetry and minstrels play;
Soft as a piano’s silent note
Beautiful as a lark
Of which nature’s seasons wrote
In a Summer’s Arc:
Love which cannot be
contained in the dark;
As the knight
To his lady said,
That, now,
“Thou shall be wed!”-
Summonsed by imagination
A ring of diamond stones
Glittering  bright as any
of queens sitting on thrones;
 Thus the knight
pledges his troth
as was his wont-
 romance, chivalry

Graceful as a swan
On a river of dreams,
 Or a gazelle-
Gracious as in Solomon’s Song;
Beauteous as a lily
In a river throng-
where daisies and buttercups
Lift their faces to the summer sun
This colourful scene:-
And at the end of the day,
Sheltered by night
Cooled by breezes light
They dip their little faces,
 nod in conspiracy
and sagely agree
this lily is the decorative one.

A majestic tree
In a Russian land
Leaves shimmering
 in myriads of patterns
of light-
Burnished gold, sunset colours
Entrancing, enchanting,
As coins tossed and turned
and glimmering
in wayward delight;
A message of love to deliver-
The secret rites of nature.
When the light of a golden dawn
Touches gently upon the tops of trees,
Glimmers on roof-tops,
 over fields and across the lawn
newly sprinkled with drops of dew
Seeing nature itself renew
Then we see beauty from above
The wonder and magic of love.

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