Friday, August 28, 2015

The Light

This is a poem which I wrote in 2004. 

The Light

The beautiful still moonlight shines brightly over the landscape
No shadows veil this serene beauty
Why cannot I be so still and silent, like this beautiful moonlit night?
Hush, whisper the sounds of the night
Lest this wish be granted
Wait, I say how do I ease my pain
And find my gain
Is it only to be found in truth and light?
Wait until the morning, I hear
See the light glinting on the leaves of the trees
Know the sun will shine brightly
And enhance the beauty which nature decrees
Day and Night
Night and Day
Chasing each other away
Time never stood still
Now there is another will
We sang and we died
The never ending pattern of life-
The Light of Day and Night
So fleeting,
The sunny days of youth passed us by
How deep the yearning cry
Of Childhood Dreams
And of lives unredeemed
Reflecting on lives well spent
And better times which went
Of Long Forgotten yesterdays
Hush whispers the mother to its young
Stay calm until the morning comes
Watch the bird swoop in the morning sky
In the clear blue light of another day
So graceful in its flight
In the early morning light
See how the sun sparkles on the crest of a sea-wave
Filtering its way
Through clouds
And forming a stream of light
So bright -
For now
From the time
When we are born
There is a New Light on the morn
The glorious light of a New Easter Dawn
And in the pale moonlight
I looked out upon this Land
Which cast in this ethereal glow
Seemed etched as though by an Angel’s Hand
Listened to the sea-waves lapping upon the sand
It all became so clear
A beautiful landscape within my sight
I knew such beauty bestowed upon us
Came from the Grace of light

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