Saturday, October 22, 2016

Portrait of a Spy by Daniel Silva

Portrait of a Spy by Daniel Silva

This wonderful tale by the famed author of spy fiction weaves
magic and reality together.  I enjoyed reading this story of the Israeli
spy, Gabriel Allon and his glamorous wife, Chiara and also other members
of his team who stop terrorists in their tracks.  I am always amazed at how
prescient and contemporary Daniel Silva’s stories seem to be even though this
particular book was written seven years ago.

Following a complex trail of money and people Gabriel Allon and his team aided
by the assistance of a wealthy woman manage to infiltrate the terrorist mind-set
and also their network.
This is a compelling tale combining exotic locations of the desert of Saudi Arabia
and Dubai and beautiful windswept places on the Cornish coast of England.  London,
New York and Washington D.C. are also settings and it is fascinating to learn of the
intricate workings of the spy agencies. 

Gabriel Allon is also a fascinating character in his own right as he is a wonderful
art restorer and painter.  This aspect of his character is recognised in Portrait of a Spy,
where  as well as restoring noted art works he also paints a portrait of a beautiful woman.
However, events have often conspired to keep him away
from his favoured occupation and he is obliged to turn his hand to infiltrating the
terrorist networks and seeking out known terrorists.

This is another excellent book by Daniel Silva and I look forward to reading more of
the exploits of Gabriel Allon in other books.


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