Friday, April 28, 2017

Rutherford Park by Elizabeth Cooke

This novel is a story set at a beautiful country estate in England, Rutherford Park.  It is written with a wonderful insight  into the lives of the gentry and also the servants living at the estate.  It  is indicative of a time past where there was so much beauty and elegance in the simple things of life.
The story revolves around William and Octavia Cavendish and their three children.  Octavia was more or less rail-roaded into a marriage by a severe and domineering father.  Her husband, William, is very much old school with conservative values of a much earlier time from the 1800’s.  He fails to understand the complexities of modern changes on society as the country gets ready for another war.
The servants of the house-hold, gardens and also stables  add another dimension to the story as also  an Amercan traveller who stays at Rutherford Park during the summer months at an invitation by Lord Cavendish.  This is the American, John Gould.
This is a wonderful story and I looked forward to reading  this initial story as I had previously read
The Wild Dark Flowers which is the second novel in the series, which I enjoyed reading and thought
was very poignant, sad and so realisitic as it portrays the war years and the effect on the inhabitants

of Rutherford Park, servants and members of the family alike.

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