Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Magical Enchantments - poem Two

Today, I have another Magical Enchantments poem.


Tulips and blossoms of narcissi

were a display of the everyday

With Topiary Green

Upon the Scene

And Statues of Mythology.

A Tapestry wrought

from a flowery thought

and patterns brought

reflected in parterres

of broderie.

O What Delight!

A Divertissement

by Candle Light,

In the glow of

Summer's Night

Within the Starlight,

Ever so Bright:

The dances of elves

reflected in beams

of a thousand streams;

And on and on

the show goes on,

A Magical Palace in

dreams of love

A Marzipan Palace and Candy


And a floating palace

in following suit,

Sparkling gemstones of a thousand lights

And a Magical Show Boat of Dreams;

Decorations of a gold vine entwined,

a marble fountain and

Parnassus mountain,

Magical Enchantments,

with garlands,

and bowers

of flowers;

A Page came loose

from the Book of Dreams,

Imagined from

“The Tales of Mother Goose.”

It floated along,

in time with

the Song,

as the gondola glided on.

And the note on the theme

was an echo and ring,

from a palace of long ago.

The minstrels played upon their flutes,

Musicians danced to the Beat

of a Baroque suite,

Playing a refrain,

as fireworks lit

the Domain;

glistening stars,

Magical sights of

exploding lights,

cascading stars

seen from afar-

an enchantment

over the Terrain.

And fireworks hung low,

in the glow

of a brilliant and fiery show.

And the torch lights did flare

Upon the Air

As a painting at hand

of a fairy land.

And the Scene

was a glittering dream

Dancing rainbows

did follow the theme:

Lights flickered by Candle Light,

Dancing in prisms upon the Scene

Fiery and sparkling little figurines

amongst the parterres and evergreen.

This must have been a king's show

of magical enchantment

there had ever been:

With Racine's play

of “Iphigenie”

staged by the Orangerie;

And an opera,

by Lully,

A play pastoral,

a theme for all,

“Les Fetes des Amours et de Bacchus”

played upon an arbour stage,

of painted flowers and feverfew;

giving an Arcadian view,

Amongst the palissades,

of box and beech

and elms and yew.

Bellflowers and wallflowers

twinkled in light,

casting their magic

upon the sight;

La Montespan,

Queen of the Night,

You in all your

Splendour bright,

Queen of the Fairies

in the fire light;

Dancing in tune,

the Nymphs held sway,

amongst the magic,

the comedy and tragic,

plays of the day,

All Staged in Fine Array.

Splendour of Magic

Footsteps of Past

A Mirrored Hallway

Gateway of Dreams

A Show-piece for all.

Images of a Thousand Scenes

Flooding in Scene after Scene

Glittering and Dancing in a Ream.

On an on the Show goes on

The Merry-Go-Round of Love-

Splendour of Magic

upon the Page,

Splendour of Music

of another Age

From the Show-boat

of long ago,

In a magical play

of old-time

Following the Rhythm and

Beat of Time.

Within the magic of flower beds

and waters of tranquillity

Were plays inspired from Italy,

And in the Grotto,

The theme of Apollo

shone forth in the glittering Sun.

Splendour of Past

in a thousand years,

Splendour of light

throughout the years,

The Wheel of Fortune

moves into gear,

And on and on we go-

A Show-Reel of Pageants

from Old Time,

Mirrored in Hallways

so Sublime,

Memories of Ballet

so Divine

Embroidered in a Pattern

of Time.

Sandra Taylor

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