Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I will be returning shortly to more
poetry of the court of Versailles
and also some book reviews of books
which I believe are quite magical.

  In the meantime, I have another poem
today of Jewellery:


When I have need

of my Jewellery,

I step outside,

under a Canopy,

Where a-waiting me-

A Cascade of Stars,

Glittering and twinkling

in Twilight,

Glittering golden in the Light.

Wondrous gem-stones

Come into Sight,

All in a Starry Night;

And in my Reverie

I do glimpse,

a Tracery

of magnificent Majesty,

In a distant galaxy,

Glittering wonder -

in a panoply,

Sparkling gold

in the fold

From the Stars,


And all the Colours

of the Universe,

They all protect

and enchance me-

The deep sea-green

and ocean blue,

The trees which come

into view,

In a beauty of no appareil

Upon a Setting of an

Angel's Trail;

And when I have need of my

Colours beside,

I step outside-

by the road-side;

For out there-

Sweeping colours

all beside,

The greens and yellows

of buttercups

seen in a maze

of distant haze,

glimmering from

a mountain-side.

A Rainbow inspires

with surprise

its golden colours

upon the land,

Sprinkled in a Stardust band.

Nature's spoils in Scenery,

Bedecked in glittering Finery.

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