Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Magical Enchantments - poem three

Today I have a Magical Enchantments poem about Louise de la Valliere.

Alexandre Dumas has written a book about Louise. Sandra Gulland has written a book
"Mistress of the Sun"
which I enjoyed reading which was a story based on the life of Louise
and gives a wonderful description of her life and also of the times
in which she lived evoking a distant past with descriptions of the countryside
and villages.

Magical Enchantments – Poem Three

Within the shades
and water and glades
The King enjoyed Charades
and Tirades,
also a Masquerade:-
At another time,
An Enchanted Ball
which was to enthrall,
the Princess of the Land.
A Mirrored Hall
of Sparkling Dreams.
The Sunbeams of a Thousand Dreams
glittered upon the Stage.

The game of life
was a springboard of hope
played in games of chance
Seasoned knights got on with
the show;
And in an old fashioned way
As into this Play,
As the Music did ring,
and the bells did chime,
The hopes and dreams of Destiny
were swingng wildly in Time.

The ups and downs of the Merry-go-Round,
La Valliere and La Montespan
seemed to turn around;
Life's treasures,
how are they measured
in a glimpse of time?
In the world of give and take,
and the lives which it does shake
A clearer vision of the world takes shape;
Within the realms of bitter-sweet,
Louise's life was in retreat,
Devoted to solemnity
and religiosity.

Through the days and
through the time,
As the Hour glass
spins in time
And fates and fortunes
turn around
Seeking favours all around
And the round-a-bout
goes round and round,
Where was Love not sound?
In the twists of destiny found
of Louise in her surround,
This was not as she had planned,
occasioned by La Montespan.

The King had been so true and near
The beauty and flowers which were so dear
Were inspired by his love for La Valliere;
The magical settings and plays on the stage
Pastel and pastoral of the age,
Lost allure with love upstaged;

As a Swan glides on in gilded time
Flaps its wings over a bell clock chime
In the pearls and twirls of time
As the Seasons do entwine
And for ourselves, do see a sign,
seeking a love which was divine:

For once in a lifetime beauty doth shine
As autmn leaves upon a vine
dappled leaves of grape and lime
reflecting sun glints of the time
sprinkled with a scent of thyme;
peach and apricot, plum and pine
fir, willow, yew and elm combine
with orange trees in straight line;
As sunlight glimmers on the wine
And of love which would be thine
Pure and simple, beautiful, kind;
Starlight lovers matched in time
Pictured within a flower clock frame
a rose flower bower and leaves of plane;
Shimmering leaves,
golden colours interweaved;
In a green, in a dell
where the apple blossom dwells;

A mirrored image, reflections grew
Life patterns were found a-new,
Glimpsed within a Looking Glass Through:

Two butterflies swirl about
Darting in and out
As it was from the start
With Hope's Promise not to part;
Heaven's Raindrops glistening
From a shower of early spring
Fluttering daily on the wing
And, oh, how they could sing!

The Song of the Universe
echoes still;
Throughout the Day,
Throughout the Night
In the Starlight Dew and Light;

Do we see ourselves
In the Playing Cards
Fashioned by the Day
All in glittering array
Or in the leaves of an old tea cup
And from the seeds when earth began
Sprinkled in a Starlight Land
Within a band of Hope – a ray
Reflections in the Sand?

La Valliere,
So Sincere,
A Maid of Honour to
Princess Henriette of Angleterre
Came from the Valley of the Loire
Met the King
At a town called Blois,
Again at the Court in a game of bluff;
The Court Jester,
Frolicking and rousing about,
Made the Court all laugh-
Wild antics and affront,
and he seemed to be so blunt;
And noted of a Love held fast,
Love before it was all cast;
Danced in a ballet at the Court,
Appeared as “Diana” of the Hunt;
and rode with
the hounds at the front;

Dreaming, believing
of a Love Paramount;

Was it really Cupid's Arrow she had seen,
or was it only in her Dream?
Was this how her love had been,
As a dart to her heart
Echoing softly from the start?

A beam in floating Leaves of Time
Swirling in a Universe Rhyme
Magically falling to the ground
In a love which she had found;

Fancies' whims and fancies' loves
Fairies and goblins come out to play
Were they dancing for their Pay?
Was this the theme of yesterday?
Where was love from above
In the chivalry of the day?
Caught in the intrigue of the play
Lost on the swings
in a round-about way;
Found peace in Scriptures
and a ring,
Surely, this was a glorious thing;-

A Shower of Starlight over earth
A cloud burst rain drop gives new birth
Matched a tear drop of her heart,
Raining forever in her heart;

What of her life worth now
reflecting upon life's golden hour
Entertainments and courtly games,
Life would never be the same;

“Into a dance, a ballet true,
All I give it was to you.”

A new life for Louise would start;
A pearl, not many, and numbered few
Now was time for her cue
took to praying at her pew;

Fairy dust sparkled a magical glint
Horse's shoes sparked a fiery flint
Throughout a most enchanting night;
As moonlight shone its misty light
Night creatures in their mystery
seemed to be in sympathy
with Louise and her despondency;
But now, as Louise rode spritely on
Upon the dew drops of the grass
In a brand new day
She halted her dray,
Upon her way;
A Song of a bird
could be heard
echoing in a

Trilling clearly as a crystal glass
In the morning mists which passed;
And in the light of the early morn
Saw Heaven's Splendour in the Dawn
Of all the Colours of a Spectrum Drawn;
New beginnings would take form.
Travelled on horseback throughout the night-
Searching for her guiding Light.

The landscape turned a vibrant green
Newly polished from a shower of rain
The Sun did glisten its brilliant rays
filtering its light across the plain;

Glittering Versailles called no more
Touched by a Light
of the Ever-More
Louise entered Sanctuary
Sister Louise of Mercy be;

Another time,
another place,
In the Story of the Play
In the Land of Not-Forgot
Love may have been divine
The King and Louise
could be free,
Celebrate their love in ecstasy;
but at this moment of her timidity
A dancing nymph was set free;
A solitary star
glistening in a milky sea
awash in Versailles complexity;

Her love for the King,
was her light and joy,
A flower strewn in the wind,
Became to see her life as sin,
In all of life's perplexity;

Fortune's losses, Fortune's gained
The court of Versailles was no longer claimed,
The King once wished Louise to stay,
But this was not her way;
Three queens in a coach
was her reproach:
And from all the despair and the tears,
now would come the Montespan years;
The dancing years, the sparkling years,
they were all a wonder and joy.

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