Sunday, September 5, 2010

Angelique in Love

I have recently finished reading the book "Angelique in Love"
by Sergeanne Golon.

What a wonderful story!

Full of romance and adventure.

Angelique sets off for the New World to start a new life,
free from the prejudice and oppression of the old.

This is a cover of the story from

The book cover which I read had an exciting cover of Angelique
and a swash buckler in elegant fancy dress of the times. The depictions
on the covers of the books must vary occasionally

The link from is also interesting to read
for the customer reviews:

This is the sixth book which I have read in the Angelique series.

The first being, "Angelique, Marquise of the Angels" which encompasses Angelique's childhood,
growing up in provincial France, where she came from an old, noble and impoverished family
and her subsequent marriage to Joffrey de Peyrac, a Count of Toulouse.

This story was also wonderful to read and depicted the times of seventeenth century France
extraordinarily well.

The third book, "Angelique and the King" was also magnificent to read for the descriptions of court life
during the time of Louis XIV.

Anne Golon has a descriptive quality to her writing which is quite unique and magical.

Wonderful story telling! Anne Golon was recently at a Fantasy Book Fair where she was signing

There is a beautiful romance in "Angelique in Love" and also a sense of adventure,
where she is taken aboard a pirate ship.

The time spans of the romance bring to mind another wonderful romance story of "Katherine"
by Anya Seton, of which I will post a review as I have recently finished reading this book
also for a second time.

Concepts of new beginnings in the New World,
the colours, scenery and pictures and unimaginable
endings combine to make this story a wonderful
magical read.

I hope that you like this review and will post another shortly,

Best wishes Sandra


  1. I'm a long time Angelique fan - yes, I read them back in the sixties, and aside from Angelique, the first in the series (and I still have my tattered old copy) Angelique in Love is my favorite. I read and write romance novels, but I still consider Angelique in Love one of the most stirring romance and adenture books of all time.

  2. Thank you for your message.

    Angelique in Love is a wonderful story. when I have read all of the Angelique books, I believe that I will return to this book again.

    I look forward to reading the next book
    in the series of "The Countess Angelique."

    This is fascinating that you write romance novels. You must be talented. best wishes,