Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Brother of Fire by Christian Jacq

The Brother of Fire by Christian Jacq

On New Year's Day in New Zealand Concert FM
would play the most popular pieces of music which
had been voted by the listeners. Invariably a musical
score by Mozart was in the top few favourite pieces of

I remember listening to some of Mozart's music and found it
so beautiful, sublime, incredibly moving, spiritual and magical.
This was often the best.

Having read “The Brother of Fire” by Christian Jacq now gives me
more insights into the wonderful music of Mozart. As was mentioned
in the book, Mozart's music would echo through the centuries which
of course it has done.

The spiritual dimension of the music, the life and tribulations of Mozart,
his father, Leopold, his wife, Constanze, his bird, Star, and dog, Gaukerl,
his musical friends and fellow brothers of freemasonry all make for a wonderful
story in the setting of Vienna, a musically inspiring
city itself.

The story of freemasonry in this setting is also a major part of the
book. The rituals, the spiritual nature and the quest for the mysteries of
Ancient Egypt to be revealed give fascinating insights of a spiritual nature.
The dialogue, flow of conversation and story of Vienna in the eighteenth
century governed by the Emperor, Josef II are magnificent. This city was
soon to be engaged in battle with the Turks which was frightening for many
of its citizens.

I found this book to be one of the best of the Mozart series of books. There was
deep meaning to be found in the operas, “The Marriage of Figaro” and “Don
Giovanni” which gave an extra dimension to the book and understanding of
the beauty and spiritual nature of the music of Mozart. The writer has a
clear affinity with the composer and an understanding of the composer's
life, music, world and need for perfection. The music of Mozart could
transport people to new dimensions, and Mozart did like to sometimes
listen to the music of the great Johann Sebastian Bach.

For great adventure and a wonderful read I would recommend this book
“The Brother of Fire” for people with a love of the beautiful music of
Mozart. This book is historical fiction with a ring of truth about it. It is
wonderful to read.


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