Monday, October 17, 2011

Don't Fence Me In and A Visit to the Park

Once again the poetry of Banjo Patterson and Henry Lawson proves popular
at Poetry in Paradise which was held at the library in the week-end.  These
poets wrote bush poetry of Australia and stories of the outback which is a
popular genre.

I include two poems which I wrote for the occasion.
(For poems of Versailles, please refer to earlier postings.)

I have commenced reading the powerful novel of Joan of Arc and read to
chapter 25 last night.  I will continue reading this riveting story and write a
review later.  The book
is "The Maid" by Kimberly Cutter and this is powerful writing indeed!  I
am finding the book enjoyable to read as it is set in early times in rural France,
 Domremy, the little village where Joan of Arc grew up with her family.
I love books which are set in France and also enjoyed reading of the early years
of Louise de la Valliere in rural French towns and villages in the Loire region
of France and Paris in Sandra Gulland's
novel of "Mistress of the Sun."

I sometimes think I would like to write a novel.  The  standard of writing by
new and contemporary writers is quite extraordinary. I am always impressed.

Don't Fence Me In

What a wonderful song!
A reminder of old times round a piano
A sing-song
Don't Fence Me In:
The Song would go
From a long time ago:

I think of beautiful meadows
where elk and deer roam free
Tall grasses, wild swan
And trees of glorious colour would see

And the antelope chases down a mountain stream
The Song of the antelope
As a dream

Wild nature at its best
Natural environment forms the rest;

Shingle pathways with wild flowers
Swaying in the breeze

fields and fields of corn and maize
and in the distance
a setting sun
glimmering in its haze-

A Sun's haze-
beautiful, enduring
creating a golden landscape
of spectacle;

The darkening shadows
The land at Sun-fall

an eclipse, a Star-light glimpse,
where Earth and Sun and Moon collide
“Now you see me,
Now you don't”-
In a magical Earth-like slide
And the Sun and the Moon do glide
In glorious wonder from Heaven's side
“Oh, to be a fairy on a magical Moon trip ride”
Through the celestial stars and skies so wide:

Nature and magic
It is so blessed
A beauteous world
golden, carressed;

Glimpsed with wonder in my eyes
The sparkling lights of Texas lie
Flying across American skies:
So beautiful for sure
This wondrous world
with sights unfurled;

“Beauty” and “Light”
Falls within
and falls without-
Now we know what the Song's about
“Don't Fence Me In.”

As the seasons are now changing and on the
Gold Coast the spring colours are quite vibrant,
noticeable and beautiful I will take some more
pictures and post some of the photos.

Next poem:
Visiting the Park

Visiting the Park
spring colours
Bright and stark.

Oranges, yellows
greens and blue
In shades and shadows
Budding flowers of every hue-

What a gift of nature be
Glorious in majesty:-

Lilies on a gleaming pond
Star-light, Star-bright
A glittering Sun:-
ducklings, starlings
can be found;
In trees of ever-green
bird song echoes
a magical sound
swirling in a care-free scene:

A beauteous light
Patterned bright
sets the scene:
A world is free:-

And here it was
that a golden friend
was met be chance
came across my path:

For as the day
deepened and became dark
He needed shelter from the park:

Golden labrador,
that he was-
His name “Amber” was because:
Amber eyes with golden coat
Knew instructions as by rote:
“Sit Down,
Come here.”-
Friendly, happy
As with people
he could cope:
Such a good boy
A cherished friend
And to his home
I had to send.

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