Monday, November 14, 2011

The Kaleidoscope of Dreams


Rothenburg ob der Tauber: Romantic Road, Germany from wikipedia:

Old Town of Dubrovnik from wikipedia:

Renaissance splendour in Venice at Ca Rezzonico:

A wonderful travel evening of European travel
was held at the Gold Coast Arts Centre last week.
This was an enjoyable event to attend.
Refreshments were served and there was a great deal of
interest in the European evening with many in attendance.

Wonderful slide shows and presentations were given
of the various options available for touring in Europe.

The beautiful, wonderful scenery of the Romantic Road
of Germany with images of the magnificent towns and
castles found along the Rhine Valley.

In so many places
it is as though travelling in time for the unique aspect of the
medieval architecture of the towns and cobblestone lanes and

The markets of France, the spectacular scenery of travelling
by train in Switzerland, the different and unique advantages
of travelling on a river cruise boat were some of the insights
Travelling on a river gives a different perspective as many
of the old towns and villages are accessible which may not always
be seen when travelling by coach or car. The rivers were also the mode of
transport for the trade of goods from the earliest times.

Russia and Eastern Europe have opened up more for travel since the fall of
the USSR and these places also offer wonderful attractions.
Beautiful medieval architecture and magnificent little villages and towns.
Krakow in Poland, once the old capital of Poland and home of the kings
has beautiful architecture and is a popular destination.
Warsaw is also a city of beauty. I remember admiring the beautiful colours
and architecture of the city and the rolling green fields of the countryside.
Warsaw was rebuilt after the war to the specifications of its appearance
before the war. A city
of unique splendour.

Romania with its folk-lore and images still of horses and carts. I recall seeing
a procession of a brightly coloured wagon and horses and gypsy travellers
once travelling in the rural areas of Romania. I once visited a folk lore
museum in the city of Bucharest, which unfortunately was heavily bombed
during the second world war.

Dubrovnik, the city of marble, was also shown. A picturesque walled town on the
coast with crystal clear sea for swimming.
The Dalmatian Coast and Italy were the first holiday destinations and the
Dalmatian Coast was also
popular with royalty in the earlier years.
Pictures of Montenegro were also shown which looks pristine and beautiful.

Magnificent Russia and its unique and beautiful cathedrals and architecture
is a splendour. Gold domes of churches and monasteries bring magic and opulence
to splendid views and the bell towers and cathedral of St Sergiyev
is a wonder.
Set in a quiet and peaceful setting of gardens and trees
the cathedral is a centre of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Peterhof Palace with its fountains of beauty, statues and gardens
on the Baltic Sea is a place of beauty.
The Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg with its
collection of paintings and beauty is wonderful. This is a magnificent palace
of the Tsars, formerly the Winter Palace.
St Petersburg is a beautiful city, built by Peter the Great in 1703
with European concepts of architecture and design. He had spent time
in Western Europe and some of the designs would have been inspired by
the architecture of France, England, and the Netherlands.

Many of the palaces in Russia were renovated.
The Amber Room of Katherine's Palace was also described. It was also replaced
after the war.

For art, architecture and beauty European travel does seem to have much to offer.
Also the colours, the magical wind-mills, the tulips in the spring time and the reflections
of beauty cast on the rivers by the magnificent castles and palaces, to see Paris in the fall when the colours of the leaves are changing on the trees, it is all a splendour of magnificence.
Well recommended.

So, a feast of places to think about for future travel!

What can I say but a kaleidoscope of dreams!

Last Christmas I booked to go on a trip to Mont St Michel in France, Giverny
(to view the gardens of Claude Monet), Chartres, Normandy towns and villages
and chateaux of the Loire Valley of France and also to Venice for travel in April of
this year.
Beautiful Venice with its magnificent palaces glimmering in reflections
on the waters of the Grand Canal and the lively colours of fishing villages on the islands
of Murano, (famous for glass blowing) and Burano. These are places
which I still hope to visit though unfortunately did not get away this year.

St Michael's Mount in Marazion, Cornwall, England is spectacular, a marvellous castle overlooking
the beautiful sea where can be seen windsurfers and the yachts of sails. I thought
at the time that this was a magnificent setting. There is a causeway to walk across
when the tide is out. I expect that the famous Abbey of Mont St. Michel is similar
also set in a dramatic setting of sea, landscape and sky. Wonderful!

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