Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Pictures from London (2009)

On a visit to London in autumn 2009 it was wonderful to
revisit some of the places I had been so many years earlier
when on my travels.

Even though it was autumn in London, the streets seemed vibrant
with colour and the flowers in Hyde Park were magnificent.  Hyde Park
is beautiful with the Serpentine Lake and on this visit I enjoyed walking
through the park and admiring he autumn colours of the leaves. 

coloured baskets of flowers were hanging from balconies and I had also
noticed this in Los Angeles.  This was noticeable as I made my way
to the British Museum.  It was so wonderful to visit these places and
hope to return.
  At the British Museum are wonderful exhibits of Egyptian
jewellery and artifacts which are also quite fascinating to view. 

By the Embankment/Temple area of London by the Thames is the place
where John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster had his great palace of the Savoy,
with terraced gardens going down to the river and pennants flying high so
all could see from a distance the Savoy Palace.  It is fascinating to wander
around this area where there is also a medieval church from tudor times.
Looking down the Thames River from a bridge can be seen all of the
wonderful splendour and architecture of London.  Domes, spires, cathedrals.
Even on an overcast day of autumn the magnificence seems to tell its own story.

I wrote this poem earlier in the year:


Through these splendoured Halls of Fame
Whence the courtiers and kings came
In the whirls of worlds before
In the in-between shadows
and times forestalled;-
Of life and love
and a reign supreme-
As time turned around
from before
the in-betwixt time
the kings and queens also did shine:

Time is an open book, they say:-
Never to stop,
Not look back
and which, in its path
all life must brook
As the jackdaws at a tower do stalk;

Bells chiming merrily
beside the Thames-
And good wishes from all her friends-

Beautiful London,
green and treasured,
magnificent city
Palaces and shrines;

Old London Town,
which could tell
A thousand stories
many glories;

As Henry VIII and his six wives
moved on,
at a relentless pace,
From a time, the Pilgrimage of Grace;
Reformation, new ideas, - queens
The tower for two, divorce for two,
Survival for one, loss of another one.

And now at the Abbey did she shine:-
Kate looking happy,
“The Most Happy” -
Anne Boleyn's motto
From a not so distant past:-

Westminster Abbey,
beautiful, serene,
a resting place
of kings and queens,
and poet's corner;
A Magnificent Setting,
A Perfect Wedding Theme:-

And now today
the accolades and cheers
A Duchess of Cambridge
at the Stairs:

A magnificent history of Time-
And from whence now,
The King James Bible doth shine:-
400 years, this year,
an anniversary,
and now time revolves again,
A Thousand years of history
And the Wedding Bells did chime
A beautiful, London Wedding fine:

The silver line of
Old Father Thames-
beautiful, picturesque postcard
Atop the bridge,
Tower Green,
the saddest place on earth,
tells its own story;
From along the banks of the riverside-
A feast of sights,
of old churches, domes, beside
Stand out prominently
beneath the gaze
of a traveller who looks in wonderment
at this maze:-

Old London Town comes alive
with its cobbled streets,
horses and carts,
akin to the time of Shakespeare;
and later,
of the Globe and theatres
of the time of Nell Gwynn:-
Herein also lies a story,
Of the magnificent restoration of Charles II
to the throne.

London with its stories
old and new
will never cease to amaze:-
And we can all lift our hearts
to praise:

Mighty London
and strength of kings,
Therein lies a secret
of a Destiny:

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