Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Knight and his Lady

“The Knight and his Lady” is a poem which
I wrote for Australia Day poetry. A poem
was required with an Australian flavour for
the Australia Day poetry of Poetry in Paradise
group.  I also think of the poem as The Lady
and her Knight.

This poem has also been included in Joan Small's
e-book of poetry for Australia Day from poets of
Poetry in Paradise which Joan has
very kindly put together.

I include the poem here and there were a few late minute
revisions and editing which have not been included in
the e-book version of my poem. The last paragraph
unfortunately has been omitted. This may have been due to
time pressures.

The Knight and his Lady

And in this land of great contrasts,
where ocean swells and sunset spells
cast magic over the gathering night
purple mountains and crimson light
the outback, desert, storm weathered trees
and silent plains,
in silhouette
enduring beauty lasts;-

Where birds of great plumage
Stir in trees, sparking colours
in the breeze
And a golden daffodil sways on a hill
And a little gold-fish swims in a pool so still
And out of the darkness reached this light
A golden beam ever bright
The Knight and his Lady
from the Night;

The Knight and his Lady
from distant times:
His bow was courteous
And her curtsy swept the floor:
“Oh, My Lord! Is it really you?
Did you not know that I was ever true?”

A horse so sturdy from the land,
Bedecked in colours from his hand
In majestic circles pawed the ground
This one time the Knight was found:
In the Lady's dreams or not?

For down through the ages
Bereft or still
The Lady dreamt of her Knight!

And today, in Australia
on these golden shores
Where the sea-gulls
echo, and cry and soar
Where azure skies do meet the sea
and the sand glistens, mesmerising, beautiful
And the lady on the shore
Looks out as before:
Awaiting her Knight
From old-time lore:-

This Knight and the Lady
presently met
Where from old times
they always went
And time together
was often spent;

Now in passing
She wonders why
The Lord and his Lady-
The times went by:

Now in increasing shadows and loneliness
The Lady reasons with her Knight
Why from Australia must they flee in flight?
A beauteous country,
Australia IS:

If only there is room for the Lady and her Knight:
God speed and good wishes for the Lady and her Knight:
A beauteous dream if there ever be:
A good Lady and her courtly knight:
From the casement windows of a keep
The Lady sees the contours and the sheep
As it was in England after a long sleep:

“ Oh, My Lord, is it really you?
I sang your praises loud and true:
I watched as sunlight glinted bright
And the Heavens gleamed in a starry night:
And the birds would echo, arch and soar
flap golden wings
ocean flecked spray and sunlight as before:”

There from the shadows
Spied she
The Knight's bright carriages
and entourage,
They travelled far
in these wind-swept times;
Songs of love
and distant shows
Courtly minstrels recited poetry
As evening glows:

How far we've come
to a distant shore:-
the land of blizzards
and temperate clime
Where the eels and lizzards
find their space
From the space of another time;

Now in the evening glow
As fire-light crackles
And the sparks do jump
With great forests of ever-green:
The Lord and his Lady enjoy the scene:
As their life has once been
Now will they
their lives redeem:

“My Lord, for you
I would always care-
This I knew
For many a year.”
Good luck, good wishes
and all the best
Now for a love ever blessed:

God in his mercy
looks down from above
Sees the beauty of enduring love.

I would also like to wish everyone a Happy New Year
for 2012 and hope that this year is a good year.

I have also been fortunate to find two wonderful books
with illustrations by Pro Hart of poetry of Banjo Patterson
and Henry Lawson which I will enjoy reading which was
available at a sale. 
I once also found the wonderful book of
"The Sun-King's Garden" by Ian 
which is a magnificent illustrated
book from a sale at Australia Fair.
For an e-book of Australian Poetry for Australia Day
from Poetry in Paradise please refer to Joan Small's
link for the free download: A Kaleidoscope of Aussie Poetry:

Best wishes from Sandra


  1. I've got goosebumps! There's been a nature series about Australia on one of our television channels. Your poem describes the majesty in the scenery I saw...the colors, the clouds, the large sweep of land, and the beach - oh, but you've got talent, Sandra.

  2. Hello Kitty,

    Very nice message, thank you.

    Australia is a vast continent with so much to offer with the
    varied and beautiful scenery, wild flowers and golden stretches of beaches. Majestic scenery!

    On the Gold Coast it was raining on Australia Day and many events were cancelled to be re-scheduled for next year.

    Best wishes