Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Musical Melodies

I attended a Musical Medodies show of a singer singing beautiful songs yesterday morning
at a chapel which overlooks beautiful gardens and bush and stream.  The chapel was quite different in the respect that
there were not any ornamentations though this was unnecessary as the beauty of the surroundings outside the windows more than compensated.  The chapel was an interesting and unique design. 

The songs were wonderful.  Many old time favourite love songs.
"Autumn leaves" "True Love" "Have I told you lately" "Smile"and many other
magical songs.  The singer has a repertoire of old and more modern songs.
It was beautiful and inspirational to listen to the songs in such a wonderful setting.
I was fortunate to win a cd of songs in a raffle draw.

I include a Spanish guitar piece which I also think is wonderful:


I am sure that it is music for the soul which makes the world go round.

So many forms of beautiful music.

My best wishes

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