Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Enchanting Chenonceau

The wonderful Chateau of Chenonceau


On a morning in June I visited this unique and wonderful chateau.

Its beauty certainly appeals set on the beautiful River Cher.

This chateau is famous for Diane de Poitiers, a mistress of Henri II, who was famously known

for her beauty.

The beautiful Chateau of Chenonceau was given to Diane by Henri II. Later Katherine de Medici

claimed the chateau and Diane moved to another Chateau of Chaumont.

There is a lovely walk through an avenue of trees which seemed to glimmer in the sunlight

and at the same time provide shade on the way to the entrance of the chateau.

Then, suddenly, a wonderful vision of a beautiful chateau which looms large as the visitors

of the group approach.

This is scenic wonder! So amazing and beautiful!

The salamander of Francis I, King of France, is visible over the doorway.

There is a beautiful chapelat the entrance, a wonderful hallway with a vase of flowers,

magnificent views over the river and surrounding countryside and a room dedicated to

Louis XIV as he visited the chateau in July 1650.

It is lovely to wander around this beautiful and stately chateau, view the open countryside

and flowing river from the windows high up in the chateau, visit the kitchens and the

bedrooms of previous queens. There is also a Diane de Poitiers bedroom and a bedroom of

Gabrielle d'Estrees, mistress of Henri IV.

There is an interesting little green room upstairs which is known as the room from where

Katherine de Medici reigned over France.

The gallery is magnificent and when I visited there was information regarding the time

when Rousseau stayed at the chateau as a guest of Madame Dupin. The chateau of

Chenonceau was a place of inspiration for Rousseau.

Beautiful tapestries, paintings and motifs from renaissance times adorn the chateau.

It is wonderful to visit.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. It looks very enchanting and extravagant. I would love to see it. Was it inspirational?

  2. Thank you for your message.

    The chateau is very inspirational.

    It is magical and beautiful.

    Many famous philosophers and writers visited.

    Madame Dupin was responsible for keeping the chateau in order
    during the revolutionary years.

    The magnificent setting is also inspirational.

    My best wishes

  3. Hello Sandra,
    This is one of my favorites. It would be wonderful to sit in the "ivory tower" and write, write, write while enjoying the scenery for inspiration.
    Thanks for the pictures!


  4. Hello Lille,

    Thanks for your message.

    An inspirational and peaceful place to write!

    My best wishes Sandra