Thursday, October 4, 2012

The wonderful world of Charlotte Betts' books:

I am constantly impressed by the talent and creativity

of contemporary authors of today.

I have recently read two books by Charlotte Betts which are

set in the seventeenth century.

I enjoyed reading both of these books.

The Painter's Apprentice is a wonderful descriptive story of London

set during the time of James II and depicts life as it was during

those fascinating times in London. Horses and carriages, an elegant style of living and the manners and mores of the times are evident in the writing.

The settings of London and its surrounds are quite fascinating and

the characters of the story are endearing.

I loved the romance of the story of Beth who falls in love with a

a budding and ambitious architect from the New World

who assists Sir Christopher Wren with many

of the new works including a church which are flourishing in London at this time.

Beth visits London to assist the Bishop at Fulham Palace with drawing and depicting the flowers and plants of his botanical gardens.

Beth has come from an unusual but loving home whereby her parents

helped and assisted unfortunate people of society who did not have

anywhere else to go to and would have been sent to the Bedlam Asylum

if not for the repose offered at Beth's home of Merryfields.

It was here

that Beth gained her invaluable skills as an apprentice painter to one of the

long term residents. This aspect of the story is quite fascinating with

variable descriptions of previous events in history which may have affected

some of the residents.

The story also gives an indication of the times and the way of life of seventeenth

century London. The mood of the times, the populace of London and

aspects of the reign of James II are also described.

The story gives descriptions of the events which eventually

lead to the Glorious Revolution and Princess Mary, daughter of James II and her

husband, William of Orange, succeeding to the throne of England.

The romance and sense of adventure, the fascinating portrayal of members of Beth's

family and the enduring beauty of many of the scenes with descriptive and expressive

writing give credence to this wonderful story.

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