Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Holy Places of France - the beauty of the Mont

Didn't I see the sheep?

So beautiful and pure

Grazing as though in Heaven

So peaceful and secure:


In the distance a mountain

So lovely to behold

perhaps as a graceful fountain

sometime made of gold:


For was it not thus

this rock of St Michel so?

For us,

looking as from below?


The Heavens must have gazed down upon us this day

For it had been raining all upon the way-

A beautiful place

this saintly abode

Mont St Michel

The Angels sing:


Heaven's grace could surely

not find another

of beauty and harmony

graceful in each other;

This life, this love

enduring spirit

Mont St Michel

Shines as from above:


for it was in June

I visited this place;

the Sun shone down

upon its face:-

come late after noon:


Majesty, beauty

so rare, so unseen

Graces from Heaven

a celestial Queen;

For this was a place

I always wished to see

My hope, my esprit,

My reason to be-

for God in his mercy

Looked down upon me-


I came to Mont St Michel

with hope in my heart

to be inspired

right from the start;


Beauteous gardens

do wrap around me

Old stone walls

do surround me;


Garlands of flowers

do cry out to the sea

The measure of beauty

is unknown to thee;

whispering trees

bedecked and unknown

Stand shivering

in lees

golden and blown;

This beauteous monument

flings wild its charms

Joan of Arc, Saint Michael

the free;

Praying for more of wonders

to see;

A chapel beholden

The spirit emboldened

This wondrous place

A haven of grace;

Came from above

to render its place;

A miracle

wrought to be;

In dazzling light

splendour bright

a silvery show

glistening reflections

of a sea and sky bow.

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