Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Beloved of Isis by Christian Jacq

Once again Christian Jacq writes a masterpiece. Wonderful story-telling!

This story revolves around the last days of Mozart's life,

the French revolution and its impact, the freemasonry of the times and

the beauty of Mozart's music.

This book is a gem.

Unfortunately, this book also deals with the last days of Mozart.

It is beautiful in its telling. So many truths and unanswered questions.

It is an unfortunate and sad time for Mozart but there are

also many wonderful highlights with his friendships, his

wife, Constance, his children and his dog, Gaukerl.

Mozart's opera, The Magic Flute, is the culmination of

many years of enlightenment.

He composed beautiful music

which was serene and enduring for clarinet

and horn. He also composed string quartets.

He had been composing dances

for the Viennese people who liked to enjoy themselves

and dance, especially in the week-ends.

The music of Mozart endures today

and it is wonderful to read a book which gives inspiration

and shows the courage and beauty of the musician.

The book is spiritual, beautiful, truthful and gives such wonderful

insights into the dramas of the times.

A book well recommended for people who love the music of Mozart!

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