Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Places of enduring beauty

Places of enduring beauty

Venice, St Mark's Square and the little canals, bridges, gondolas and ambience

of a beautiful city. The shining water and reflections, the magnificence of the

art and architecture and beautiful old churches and Doges Palace. A place I wish

to return to for its wonderful atmosphere and beauty. A trip to the colourful villages

of Murano and Burano where the glassblowers do their craft so well would also be nice

to revisit. It is awhile since I visited this beautiful and inspiring city.

St Sergiyev Monastery, Posad, Russia

Wonderful architecture of the trinity cathedral and bell tower.

Splendid! Memorising and so beautiful! Wonderful colours of blue and

white and magnificent domes in a peaceful and rural setting. I loved visiting this

place which is not far distant from Moscow.

River Seine, Paris

So beautiful and enchanting, by daylight and the setting sun.

A wonderful place to stroll along the banks of this mesmerising river

which winds its way through the city of Paris.

The Isle de la Cite is wonderful with the flower markets, the scents and


Beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral by the river setting is beautiful.

I love Paris.

The beautiful gardens of Versailles:

Not far from the Paris, the magnificence of the baroque era of the seventeenth

century is on show. The chateau of Louis XIV, the Hall of Mirrors, art works

and sculpture and magnificent salons. The views of the gardens are spectacular

in all of their wonder and glory.

Beautiful flowers, colours and fountains give a sense of wonder and beauty.

Geometrical patterns of the flower beds, the hornbeam, the hedges and groves

with pretty fountains and rock pools give an air of serenity, peace and tranquillity.

The baroque music of the era complements the fountain displays and gives a sense

of the seventeenth century during the time of Louis XIV in all of its splendour.

Tuileries Gardens, Paris

Beautiful in the spring time and summer with the magnificent varieties of colours

and flowers. The gardens are beautiful and peaceful.

Statues and fountains add charm and beauty.

Luxembourg Gardens, Paris

Wonderful in the autumn with the varying colours of the leaves. I often used to enjoy

wandering around the Luxembourg Gardens where I could sometimes purchase a waffle.

Paris is a magnificent place to be in autumn with the many tree lined boulevards

which make the city so attractive and the temperatures begin to cool with lovely

breezes along the banks of the River Seine.

More to follow at a later date.

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