Saturday, May 25, 2013

Casanova (film)

Casanova is a wonderful film set in Venice which I enjoyed watching.  The backdrops of scenery were
spellbinding and the baroque music was lovely.  The time was 1753, in Vencie, an exotic time, with the fashions, clothing. music and Carnivale.

The costumes which the characters wore were magnificent and the story amazing.

I would describe this film as romantic comedy and also quite entralling to watch.
I loved every minute of this film.

It is the story of the love between Francesca and Casanova.  The artistry, the beauty of the scenes and the humorous
adventures in the film made this film very enjoyable.

Casanova flalls in love with Francesca who is quite unlike any woman he has come across previously.  Casanova plays his role under many disguises and it is this aspect of the film which is quite humorous
and the misconceptions of the people he comes into contact with.

A doge, an inquisitorial bishop, Francesca's mother and brother, Francesca's fiance and the wonderful
scenery made this film very special.

The film stars Heath Ledger as Casanova and Sienna Miller as Francesca.  A must-see film for enjoyment
and light entertainment.  Even though the film seems humorous in many respects the film also represents
many truths and a wisdom of life.  It is a wonderful story.

Well recommended!

Best wishes

My best wishes Sandra

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