Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Way We Were by Elizabeth Noble

The Way We Were by Elizabeth Noble

The Way We Were is a story told with panache and verve

by the author. She tells the story as it is and what a roller coaster of emotional

drama it is!

This story is set in England of London and rural England. Sometimes the story is told in retrospect of Susannah's life growing up in a rural country town, her friends and a near neighbour, Rob, and his family.

It is an interesting story to read of a romance, career, friends and family. I enjoyed reading this

novel which is very contemporary in every respect.

The story is poignant and humorous, especially the banter exchanged between

Susannah and her best friend, Amelia, who had been a school friend in her earlier years.

I enjoyed reading of the earlier times when Susannah's life seemed simpler as she was growing up in

the countryside.

There are many wonderful memories and anecdotes, her memories of congregating with other members of the community outside the village church every week-end to watch the bride and bridal party leave the village church after their wedding and she would bicycle to the local shops to purchase her sherbet and sweets while the bridal party was in the church or of the wonderful celebrations on the village common on the occasion of Guy Fawkes Night which was a special treat for the children.

These occasions are told with authenticity and often the dialogue scripted would be the dialogue expected of the villagers spoken on these different occasions. Susannah's own parents, her family and Rob's parents are fascinating characters to read of with their idiosyncrasies and approach to life. It is a whimsical book to read with sentimentality shown at times in the dialogue and story. It is also sad. Susannah may have been the author of her own misfortunes. It is a story of Susannah's life. It gives a glimpse of a not too distant past in England of the twentieth century.

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