Thursday, July 11, 2013


I have recently watched two films of the trilogy of Sissi starring Romy Schneider and what beautiful films these are to view! So magical and wonderful!

I would recommend these films to people who love a romantic story and a beautiful setting.

Sissi was a princess of Bavaria who married the Emperor of Austria, Franz Joseph and became Empress.  I was enchanted by the beauty of the Austrian alps, the mountains where Sissi grew up
and where her family home was located.  In many ways I am reminded of the film The Sound of
Music, for the beauty of the settings and the charming household of siblings.

  Sissi was of a naturally happy and joyous nature with a
beautiful personality.  Her charm and natural ways enchanted the Emperor, who was very much also
under his mother's guidance.  His mother let it be known to him that she had stepped aside but she was also very much in control of political matters to a certain extent.

  Sissi was different from her mother-in-law with firm views of her own.  The people loved her.

The second film is of the story of Sissi as a young Empress.  This film is also wonderful.
The Austrian Alps and the Tyrol feature in this beautiful story in which Sissi is also crowned Queen of Hungary at Franz Joseph's coronation by popular acclaim.

The pageantry, music and beauty of these films remain in my imagination.  They are so beautiful.  I look forward to watching the third film of Sissi, the fateful years and there is also a film of Victoria in Dover, the Story of Vickie, which I also look forward to watching.


  1. These films sound magical. I love a beautiful setting. I'll have to be on the lookout for them.

  2. Hello Denise

    Thank you for your message. These films are wonderful and I look forward to watching the second tape this week-end!
    I am sure you will enjoy them. My best wishes to you from Sandra