Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Chance by Karen Kingsbury

The Chance by Karen Kingsbury

This wonderful novel by Karen Kingsbury is an inspirational story of love.

It tells the story of two young people who are separated by circumstances beyond their control and over the years the love for each other is not forgotten. If anything, the love between them increases. Ellie and her true love make a compact promise that they will meet again in eleven years' time. This was to be at the old oak tree in the park where they spent so much of their time and was a favourite spot. So much happens in these eleven years and it is beyond comprehension that so many favourable and unfavourable circumstances occur in Ellie's life and yet she finds the strength and will power to survive and do well. She overcomes so many obstacles to make good her life, from raising a child on her own and overcoming the harsh uncompromising attitude of her father in her early days.

The settings of the story are wonderful and Ellie often reminiscences of her earlier days in a small town in the south where she was often the companion of her friend Nolan who lived close by and Ellie often also attended his basketball games where he had a great talent and will to succeed in his chosen sport and career.  This also because he wanted to excel for the memory of his father who had been his coach.

Ellie for many years would be cheering him on from the stands, always enjoying watching him play his marvellous game.

There is also the gift of promise in this beautiful story. A gift of hope, inspiration and beauty. There is redemption for Ellie's parents and forgiveness as Ellie had been prevented from seeing her mother for eleven years.

The truth at the end of the story is all clear. It is wonderful and magical as all doubts, misgivings and misunderstandings are put to rest and Ellie can finally move on with her life. The beauty of the human spirit which is capable of achieving great things!

The Chance is a wonderful story of love and faith. The truth is in the pages which are so elegantly written. A story of life. A story to cherish and a story of love.

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