Monday, June 6, 2011

All the rivers run

A wonderful mini series, which I have been watching is "All the Rivers Run" starring
Sigrid Thornton who begins a new life in Victoria, Australia in the 1890's.  The settings
of rural Australia at the time are authentic, as also the river boat trade, the costumes,
dresses and there is also an elegant way of life portrayed, even though the rural folk endured
many hardships.  Victoria was quite English in many respects.

  The paddle steamer is reminiscent of the paddle steamers of the Mississippi River and
also of South Australia.  I am reminded of the books of Mark Twain which were set
along the banks of the Mississippi River.  There is a river culture and a countrified sense
of community amongst the river folk.

I look forward to watching more of this mini series of "All the Rivers Run."  It
evokes a by-gone era quite beautifully with a full cast of believable characters who have adapted well
to the challenges of living and surviving  in early Australia.

The story is also wonderful to follow of Philadelphia, played by Sigrid Thornton, in the character role
of a young woman finding her way in life and her love of painting.

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