Sunday, June 19, 2011

Listen to the Wind

While looking around the outside grounds of the Kremlin, Moscow, in September 2009 I was
quite mesmerised by the beautiful shimmering leaves of trees which seemed to shimmer in the
breeze as the wind whistled through them.  It was so quiet and almost uncanny, as the guide was leading
a group around the premises and giving a talk about the place.  The leaves in the trees were so noticeable
and I so clearly remember as though it was a message, brought by the wind and on the leaves.

  On the Gold Coast in a park the other day I noticed how beautiful the tops of the trees were
swaying gently in the breeze with the sunlight glinting on their tops and shining brilliantly on the sunlit
leaves against a vivid blue sky.  It is quite cold out of the sunlight
at the moment on the Gold Coast but brilliant in the sunshine.

  I will send some pictures of the brilliance of the autumn colours on the Gold Coast in autumn, however,
at present I am on a public computer.

  A beautiful rendering of a song about listening to the wind is by Hayley Westenra from The New World :

  Best wishes


  1. Thank you for introducing me to Haley Wasterna. Her voice is absolutely gorgeous, OMG!! I read a comment after the clip that wonders why she is known more in Europe. I wonder that as well.

    I thought I recognized scenes from outside Kiev. Those two swans - perfect!

    Enjoyed how you described leaves in different places and pulled them all together. Great job!

  2. Thank you for your message.


  3. postscript: I agree that Hayley Westenra has a
    Some of my favourite songs which I enjoy listening to are "Across the Universe of Time"
    "Dark Waltz" from Phantom of the Opera, "May it Be" "Shenandoah" which is a Celtic song and there is a new song now,
    "Gabriel's Oboe" which is also very beautiful.

    I first heard Hayley Westenra sing at an outdoor concert in Auckland many years ago. The song was "Amazing Grace." I have mentioned this in one of my earlier posts.

    My best wishes

  4. pps: I have since found the earlier post which is regarding a memorial service in Christchurch:

    Thank you again for your message,

    Best wishes from Sandra