Thursday, June 23, 2011

Autumn colours with pictures

Autumn Colours with pictures
Autumn and winter can be quite a magical time on the
Gold Coast with the brilliant sunshine of June shining
in a blue Queensland sky which brings forth its marvellous warmth and light
into the parks and forest and filters through the trees.
 This creates a
shadow effect of the leaves and branches dancing in the breeze and playfully
making shadows with glimpses of dazzling rays of sunlight seen amongst the trees.  Amongst all of this beauty is to be heard the song of birds in the park.  I have noticed ducks on the pond and beautiful white swans which give
wings to flight when suddenly they fly to the highest tree.
The winter foliage is abundant with beautiful yellow and a soft mulberry shade on the banks of the pond and also russet and green leaves.
These pictures were taken in April, at the beginning of the autumn weather:

  I will include some of the winter shades on a later post,

  My best wishes


  1. Hey these pics are really awesome...
    i like them all.

  2. Thank you so much.

    I have some winter shades which I will
    post as well.

    Best wishes