Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Christmas Song

I am the intrepid wanderer:
Looking to the Night-time Sky:
which paves its way
across my Universe
Twinkling in time honoured memories:

Shining stars from Heaven's grace
Falling leaves
and the Song of the Meadows chaste:
Of magic in the night-time air,
the sound of crickets stir so near
and in the day-time the birds so dear
Ring with magic loud and clear:

Gliding across the Great Milky Way
The Stepping Stone gems-
guiding my Way
on Life's Pathway:

Crystals so near and far
and furtherest star
Finding the magic
On Christmas Day.

Ring the truth from the night-time sky:
There the reasons are found on high:
Beauty of the night-time sky:

Joy-bells ring
On the clear night sky
And Angels sing
of a birth on nigh:-

Sing forth your love to us
On this Christmas Day
Heaven will call to thee
Guiding thy Way:-

Joy-bells ring
Wise men bring
In from the night-time cold
as was told
by travel on camel
Myrrh, incense and gold
for the new-born king;

Shepherds tending flocks of sheep
Saw from afar
the beauteous “Star”
A Message to keep
“The Promise” of Christmas Day:

For all the lonely ones
alone on the hills
Heaven will sing to thee
As God only wills:

The Song of the Universe
Sing unto thee:-
Play your sweet Melody
In thy Rhyming Verse:
Balance and Harmony
In the great Universe
Time takes a step,
As Angels rehearse:
Glorious the wondrous chime
In Sacred Time:

Sing choirs of angels
Sing in the air;
This is the Song of Love
This Christmas Year:

Over the hills of love
As green turns to gold
The desert flower springs to life
From sands of old:-

Trumpets will hail the Lord
Snow – bells on high:
Lamp-light from Heaven
Shines down from the Sky:

On little Bethlehem
Where a baby is born:
The bright new message
Of a new Christmas Dawn:

Palm-trees and oceans
enhance from within
The Song of the Leaves
whispering in the wind:

Of all the magic
Of this Christmas Day
Peace and serenity
come into Play:

And to Bethlehem
A great Holy Town
The Little Christ Jesus
was to be found:

Pilgrims and worshippers
Praise unto thee-
For the world
He set free:

Shine forth your Grace on us
on this Christmas Day
Lend forth your Light to us
from Heaven's Way.

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