Monday, December 5, 2011

Hawaii-theme Celebration Party

A wonderful Hawaii -theme celebration party was held
by Joan Small in which talented poets and singers
contributed their works.

The songs by Deborah were magnificent, some old favourites:
an Andrew Lloyd Weber song, “Love changes everything” “The
Prayer” an Italian opera song, “Mi Babino Caro” which was very
beautiful and Deborah's last song was “Climb Every Mountain”
from the Sound of Music which was a wonderful rendition. Deborah
chose this song as she was brought up in a convent by the Blue Mountains
of Sydney and she did get to see two musicals which she loved. “My Fair Lady”
and “The Sound of Music.” The
mother superior in the film, The Sound of Music, told Maria that love
between a man and a woman also came from God. The Mother Superior
did not wish for Maria to remain in the convent. Maria may have believed
that she would be serving God by staying in the convent.
Deborah had not sung in public for
12 months previously and she sang beautifully.

There was also a folk singer, though I did leave before I
heard this singer. I am sure that the folk songs would have been
wonderful also.

Poems were recited by talented poets and an actress gave a
comical show of living a prim and proper existence in England and
then leaving to live her life in Australia, where customs, clothing and
manner of speech altered. This acting was very good.

There were many published authors which was very inspirational.
A veterinarian who had written a book of holistic medicine for animals, who
attended with her 91 year old mother and a poet who had published
a book of poetry. Another writer, who had written a book of his time
in Poland during the Second World War.

Some people were celebrating milestones and hardships which they
had overcome in the previous year and were looking forward to the
next year with hope and a positive outlook with good wishes for the

The food was wonderful, deserts included, though did miss out on the
chocolate treat as I left early. A writer had written a book
of natural chocolate and there were to be treats of this chocolate also.
Joan also made wonderful fruit punch for the occasion.

The bright colours and Hawaii- theme with leis
worn by so many people enhanced the magic of the happy occasion.
A short speech was given of the seven principles of the Hawaii Way
which help to gain a more positive approach to life.

Joan Small gives workshops to assist people with publishing their own
works and I am thinking that it would be good to attend one of
these work shops early next year or when there is a next available
work shop. I am finding that writing a blog is good practice for self- expression.

For further information:

My best wishes

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