Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poetry in Paradise

Poetry in Paradise was
again a delight and wonder to listen to
the poetry recited by talented poets of
the group.

From attending these sessions each month
I believe that I am gaining more insights and
broadening my horizons and scope for what is
possible in the field of poetry. I also enjoy recitals
given of bush poets, for example, Banjo
Patterson and Henry Lawson. These poems certainly
are special from well known poets who had a love for
the outback of Australia.

I enjoyed listening to Marta's poem about words being
like people and harmonise as people do in a
All quite fascinating!

Vincent's poem was quite poignant and descriptive about a dolphin who
longed for a distant sea.

I look forward to more Poetry in Paradise meetings next year.
It is also a wonderful get-together where social occasions have
been included this year as with Banjo's camp-fire poetry and
Joan Small's Hawaii -theme Celebration Party.

Best wishes

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