Thursday, April 11, 2013

Places of beauty and colour

Pohutakawa trees flower a beautiful red in coastal regions of New Zealand in November, December and for Christmas. 
A pohutakawa flower in bloom from wikipedia:
These trees are magnificent. to view.  So special putting on a spectacular show at Christmas which makes the season seem so much more magical.  They flower along the Auckland waterfront and at many beach side areas and parks. 

Albert Park, Auckland:  Beautiful flower gardens can be seen at all times of the year.  In the winter there are often different varieties of flowers.

Floral Clock, Albert Park, Auckland from wikipedia:
The park is opposite Auckland University and its
landmark clock tower.  There is also a floral clock in the park.  When in Auckland
I have often enjoyed walking in this park.  It also reminds me of days at University
when I was often walking from the city to lectures.

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