Thursday, April 11, 2013

Places of Inspiration and Beauty

Flower gardens St Sergiyev, Posad
Trinity Cathedral from wikipedia:
Assumption Cathedral from wikipedia:
The Monastery of St Sergiyev at Posad is of enduring beauty and inspires with the magnificent
architectural styles, the peaceful gardens and the beauty to be found there of the religious
paintings, icons and art in the churches.  A majestic place!
There is also a wonderful little gift shop.  I lived visiting this little town not far distant from Moscow.
The Baltic Sea: views across the Gulf of Finland from the coastal regions of St Petersburg:
Wild, windswept and beautiful.  I loved looking out over this area from the coast and to imagine Finland over the water.  A magnificent setting in its beauty of water and but so sky.  This was in October
and the weather was getting very cold.  The colours of sea and sky merged as the weather was often
Peterhof Palace and gardens: St Petersburg: from wikipedia:
A wonderful place to visit for the beauty of the interior and the magnificent gardens and fountains.
A fascinating history, built by Peter the Great who had visited and travelled in Western Europe.  He would have been inspired by the beauty of the architectural designs which he had seen while on his travels.  This palace may have been modelled on Louis XIV's Versailles as he would have taken inspiration from his travels in France.
River Thames, London
A beautiful scene of water, landscapes, architecture and sky seen from the Embankment and Temple stations.  I loved the view.  It was magnificent.  The water and sky again were overcast in grey, white and  silver colours and the landmarks stood out so vibrantly and clearly.  Not far from here was the Palace of the Savoy which was destroyed in the fourteenth century during a rebellion.  There were once landscaped terrace gardens on the banks of the Thames which would have been beautiful.
Hyde Park, London:
Wonderful in the autumn with the varying shades of trees.  A lively place with people walking their dogs and bicycling. 
Oia on Santorini: a Greek Island:
Wonderful to view the majestic sunset from high up on the hill which overlooks the beautiful blue
Aegean Sea.
Sunset at Oia from wikipedia:

I remember watching from between two white washed walls high up on a hill.  It was so peacful and beautiful and silent.  This is a beautiful place to visit.  There are also wonderful churches with blue domes on the island.

Limon Tree at Poros: Greek Island: a magnificent walk through countryside to a beautiful place called Limontree where there is a lemon grove.  Wonderful lemon drinks were available in the heat of the day and after the long walk.  There is also a maagnificent monastery on a hilltop where to view the visitors must don a robe to enter.  The architecture is wonderful with old stone columns and the scenry is beautiful.  Spiritual and peaceful.

A Sunset over the River Seine, Paris: so beautiful
a Sunset over vineyards: magnificent, with so many vibrant colours!
Many places of inspiration and beauty!


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