Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Miss Austen Regrets: a film

This is a wonderful film from the BBC of the novelist Jane Austen,

writer of romantic novels Pride and Prejudice, Sense and

Sensibility, Mansfield Park and Emma.

Jane was widely admired for her novels which were read in Paris

and enjoyed by royalty and yet her own story may not

have been quite so romantic as her heroines.

I enjoyed watching this movie. It is so different!

Jane lives in fairly straitened circumstances with her mother and sister

in a cottage on her impoverished brother's estate who is a widower

responsible for eleven children.

Jane wonders about her life and how it may have been different had she married

at an earlier stage of her life when she received a marriage proposal.

The film reflects a society with its different codes of

conduct and character of early nineteenth century tempered by its beautiful horses and carriages,

music and dancing, elegance and manners.

The beliefs of the times when people thought differently

about marriage make for compelling viewing.

It is an unusual film with wonderful settings of beautiful landscapes and authentic styles of clothing which reflected the times.

Strong emotions, quirks and foibles of the characters and an engaging story line enhance

the picturesque quality of this film. Jane Austen was a strong and witty character herself

like her romantic heroine in Pride and Prejudice.

Full credit to the makers of this movie! It is quite a masterpiece.

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